Sunday, November 30, 2008

Worship through Art at our Church - WIP

Our church is holding our first worship through art morning in a couple of weeks and my daughter and I are going to participate. The idea is that we meditate on the text the Pastor has selected, in this case John 1: 1-18, and then we begin our painting in any style, any medium and then in 1 hour during the service we complete it as an act of worship. I'm very much looking forward to it and then to the finished painting. My idea is: the God that created the universe by His word chose to come as a fragile newborn to this earth to live amongst us. So hence the painting contains a portrait of a baby coming out of the Bible (word of God) and the moon and earth viewed from in space. I'm still to add more to the painting... I'm painting in acrylics on a MDF board 29cm x 50cm. Here it is after working on it in bits and pieces during the last few days, still lots to do before I'm ready for the last hour. : )


  1. What a fantastic idea!! Can anyone meditate on the text and contribute to the worship?

  2. I believe the idea is to add to the music and singing. But yes anyone (any age) who wanted to participate could do so.