Sunday, November 30, 2008

My art journey.

Lloyd, thank you for your interest in my art journey. I did reply in the comments but thought then perhaps it should be a posting for all to see. (I'm new to blogging and still feeling my way around)
Since I was a youngster, I've loved to draw and sketch, and I think I was pretty good at it anyway. Here are a few sketches I did when I was 18-20 yo.
This one was from a photo.

This one was from life.
This one was done plein air.

But it wasn't until I had the opportunity to participate in folk art lessons with a lovely local lady that I realised that adding colour to my drawings wasn't that hard that my art really took off. I then spent almost a year painting at every opportunity and selling them on ebay. That time was really good for the practice I got and also the encouragement of others liking them enough to spend their money on. : )

Since we started our house building project, time has become scarce and hence my paintings have become more opportunities to seriously improve my art. I spend more time reading and then putting into practice what I've read. So I haven't completed as many pieces but have spent more time on each one, and have learnt heaps. I actually failed art in grade 8 because I didn't like learning the theory ( the teacher was disappointed as I was good on the practical stuff), but now I have as my bedtime reading art articles on colour theory and art history (I see the value for it now). It's funny how we change and how our priorities change. : ) If anyone is interested in learning more about art from wonderful artists then check out a brilliant art website that covers all styles mediums and even the business and social side of the artists life. I have learnt so very much at wetcanvas. Go and have a look for yourself.

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